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"Packed with practical information,
The 7-Day Dating & Relationship Plan for Gay Men offers step-by-step advice for gay men who are dating and looking for long-term relationships. If youíre a single gay man, this reader-friendly guidebook can help you create your own personalized game plan for finding real love and leave your game face behind!"    
          --Joe Kort, M.A., MSW 
            Author of '10 Smart Things Gay
            Men Can Do to Find Real Love'
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match!

"What a powerful, funny, engaging guide to getting yourself happy!  If I weren't already involved in several deep, meaningful, long-term relationships with people on various continents who've never met each other, or me, I would put this plan
into action right away.  Seriously.  Ok, maybe I'll do it anyway.  Say, what are you doing later?"


--Bruce Vilanch, writer and actor

Excerpt from latest book review:

by Aron Gold, Esq.
EDGE Contributor
Saturday Feb 16, 2008

"While I wonít reveal the seven steps to
becoming an ideal gay mate, no matter
your age or creed, the chapters
themselves are fun to read, easy to
understand, and do provide some terrific
self-insight. I loved the way each chapter
had funny references to Wheatonís reallife
clients who highlight pros and cons,
like his own personal Goofus and Gallant.
I found it very easy to compare myself to
some of the more unsavory examples in
the book, and this made me pay attention
even more to the advice and activities found in each of the seven steps.
The advice itself is fairly insightful and straight-forward. The seven
individual topics arenít anything new or fairly mind-blowing, but they are
presented in a way thatís more akin to gay me of all ages. Each chapter
contains various activities to help you further experience the advice, such
as taking a simple quiz or making a list. The final chapters of the book
contain general advice for a variety of dating situations that are quite
If you need to revamp your dating persona, check out the "7-Day Dating
and Relationship Plan for Gay Men." You wonít be disappointed, and you
will finish this book in a week ... or less!"
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